10 years of Fifteen Cornwall – your favourite memories…

As part of our 10th birthday celebration competitions we have been asking you to share with us your best memories of Fifteen Cornwall – there have been so many fabulous, rewarding, even tear jerking, responses. Here’s some of the best so far for you to read, including the winner of our seven course tasting menu and wine pairing for two.  Congrats to our winner Patricia who’s story made us all give a heartfelt “ahhhh”.  All other stories mentioned here will receive one of one of our Limited Edition Tea-Towels.

Here’s to another 10 years! 🙂

Patricia Harley said:

My husband took me to Fifteen in June 2006 to celebrate my 50th birthday and I ate the best lamb I’ve ever eaten. In September of that year we got married and came to you for our wedding lunch. Since then we’ve celebrated every Valentines Day and wedding anniversary, and plenty of birthdays too. We always have great food and fantastic service. But best memory is of seeing a boy who rarely came to school and was often in trouble, proudly hosting lunch for his parents seated underneath an enormous photograph celebrating his graduation. That’s why Fifteen Cornwall is our special place.

Francesca Brooke said:

Fifteen Cornwall is where we went to fall in love, when expecting 1st child, when 2nd was 18 months, and to celebrate our 10th anniversary 🙂

Lyndsey Young said:

“Every year for the last 6 years, we celebrate my birthday with a Fifteen Cornwall lunch. This particular day was stunning, even though it was the 10th December. We’ve seen the restaurant change and grow, and many chefs going through the ranks. Each time we go it’s as special as the last! Keep up the good work!”

Lucy Elanor Ware said:

“My favourite place in the whole world – holds so many dear memories. When we received some very difficult news in our family, we decided to escape to Cornwall the very next day – and I called Fifteen Cornwall to explain the circumstances and they couldn’t have been any nicer or more accommodating. Two days later 10 of my closest family gathered at Fifteen from Bristol, London and Cornwall, and sat together in the lovely room at the end (our young boys thought it was very funny that there was carpet on the walls) and had the most amazing meal together, where the staff couldn’t have looked after us any better, and spent relaxed, precious time, laughing, talking, and a few tears, but making amazing memories that I’ll never forget.”

Amanda Treleaven said:

“After our flight was cancelled because of fog at Newquay Airport on our 40th Wedding Anniversary you looked after us on the spur of the moment and made our day so very special! Thank you so much – wonderful xxx”

Jacqueline Barrs said:

“I was very ill for a few years and missed my sons 21st so I always promised him I would do something special when I could. Last June I was able to keep my promise to him (he was 23 by then) and we came to Fifteen Cornwall. His fiancee who was a graduate of yours came too. It was a dream come true for so many reasons. The food was incredible, I am almost 60 and it woke up some taste sensations I had never had in my life before. Whether I win or not we are coming again this year for the taster menu and wine pairing but with many more people as we have raved so much about it. Hope I win and if not, just carry on the great work.”

@Goodtinkles said:
Our happy memory is getting engaged at watergate beach and celebrating with the 7 course taster at #FifteenCornwall

James Clifford said:

So my name is James and I am dropping you a note about my favourite memory of Fifteen at Cornwall. About two and half years ago I took my family to Watergate bay for lunch at Fifteen followed by a long walk along the beach. I had been to the restaurant several times and enjoyed each and every visit. I had told them about where we were going and they were very excited. However, on arrival we found that our booking did not exist and that the restaurant was fully booked. With the booking done online, I accepted it may have been a fault at my end. The lady on the front desk was very apologetic and understood how sad the youngsters were and said she would see what she could do for later, and suggested that perhaps we could take our walk first. I thanked her and we did this. However, during the walk my young daughter; Mia Lilli; decided that whilst fully clothed it would be fun to run through the largest puddles and most of water she could find which led to her becoming soaked. (we had no spare clothes). When we arrived back at the restaurant, she looked a sorry sight and I explained we may have to forget it for the day. At this point the lady on the front desk told us not to worry and told us to take our seat. I sat Mia down on a towel. After 5 minutes the same lady (I wish I had remembered her name) turned up with some dry clothes; I have no idea where from but they were gladly welcomed and we quickly changed her over. The rest of the meal was amazing, some great photos and I will never be able to thank that lady enough for turning what could have been a fairly disastrous afternoon into one of the most memorable. She was an absolute credit to the entire “Fifteen” organisation and ensured we have always come back. Each time we are down in Cornwall, we have to visit, there is no other place and I certainly would not be allowed to book anywhere else. It’s an amazing restaurant, with amazing staff, that produce amazing food and create an amazing atmosphere… the view is pretty good as well.

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