All Italian: Andi & Carissa

Meet Andi and Carissa.

Andi Richardson is our Senior Sous Chef and Carissa is one of our Cohort 13 apprentices. This autumn as we launched our All Italian menu for you to enjoy, Andi selected Squash and ricotta ravioli with butternut squash sauce as a dish to show Carissa and pass on some of his specialist knowledge.

As one of the first dishes he ever learned when he first joined Fifteen Cornwall, Andi and Carissa talk about why they love it and you will too.

Why did you think this was a good dish to pass onto Carissa? It’s a really tasty dish and autumn is the best time for squash. We buy ours locally from Meg at One Field Farm and it’s an ideal dish to show off the amazing produce.

Why does the ravioli shape work well in this dish? The butternut squash sauce is really nice and delicate and the ravioli goes really well with that. A couple of weeks ago I had it at the River Cafe and it reminded me how delicious it is so I wanted to bring it back into the Fifteen kitchen for the All Italian menu.

Why pumpkins? They’re seasonal, silky and have lots of flavour. They work really well for pasta dishes as they make a great sauce.

Are there certain varieties of squash and pumpkins that are good to use for cooking? Yes, for this dish we used Crown Prince and Blue Ballet squash. They both have lots of flavour and have dry flesh which is good for pasta fillings as it stops it going soggy.

What top tips would you give for pasta making? Practice, the more you do it the better you get. Pasta making is really tactile and it has its own steps to master. You need to practice making your dough right, if you don’t work it enough your pasta will be floppy and not nice to eat. Watch videos of the pasta grannies for those finer Italian details. Using the right ingredients and equipment is important too. Get yourself a pasta machine, always use free range eggs, 00 flour and have plenty of salt in the cooking water.

Carissa, why do you like making pasta? I find pasta making really therapeutic. I really concentrate on each step to help me perfect the pasta making process.

Would you make any adjustments to the dish? I would maybe change the shape of the pasta. I like the ravioli shape but it’s hard to make them 100% the same shape as you can with other pasta shapes.

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