Cohort 12 go on their first sourcing trip

Last Friday our apprentices spent the afternoon in Carnanton Woods, a short distance from Watergate Bay. The purpose of the trip was to explore the hedgerows and woodland to forage for deliciously edible wild plants and herbs.

They were accompanied by Karl, our Training and Development Chef; and Andrew, one of our Fifteen Cornwall Trainer Chefs, who were both able to guide them as to what they were looking for. Most of the apprentices had never done anything like this before, or had the opportunity to taste some of the wild ingredients that we have in abundance at this time of year.

Wild garlic was plentiful in the woods, it’s green leaves and white flowers can be eaten raw or cooked. The apprentices decided to use theirs in a wild garlic pesto. They also found pennywort which grows in stone walls and crevices. The leaves are in a circular shape and taste good in a salad as the flavour is a bit like succulent, crisp lettuce.  Another find was wood sorrel which can be identified by it’s pretty heart shaped leaves clustered on a stem. It has a sharp citrus or apple flavour and is rich in vitamin C. The apprentices used the wood sorrel to garnish a beautiful primavera pasta dish.

The afternoon was a great opportunity for the apprentices to learn about the wild produce that is so easily accessible to them in the local area, taste the different varieties of plants and learn how they can be used in dishes we serve from the kitchen. It was great to see the foraged treats that the apprentices had worked hard to gather, featured on the menu in various dishes during the course of the weekend.