Deli Farm Charcuterie

Deli Farm Charcuterie


Beth Druce visits Deli Farm Charcuterie to discover more about artisan air dried meats some of which can be found on our antipasti menu.

Nestled between the north Cornish coastline and Bodmin Moor, Deli Farm Charcuterie have been creating some of the UK’s finest charcuterie since 2006. Founded and run by Jean and Martin Edwards, the couple were dismayed by the lack of artisan charcuterie in Britain, and set about making it themselves. Celebrating their ten year anniversary this month, Deli Farm produce a range of different charcuterie that takes its cue from Italian winter salami and includes coppa, bresaola, duck prosciutto, wild venison, smoked lamb prosciutto and pancetta. Using prime cuts of meat from a carefully selected number of suppliers, Jean and Martin are committed to using local producers with the highest levels of animal welfare. In addition to Fifteen, over the years they have supplied meat to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the 2012 Olympic games and some of the UK’s top chefs and restaurants. Fifteen Stories spoke to Jean about their journey.

What inspired you to set up Deli Farm Charcuterie? 

My original plan was to so something like pates and terrines. We sought advice on what you have to do to start up a food related business and it was during one of these meetings that someone suggested salami. After much thought we made a trial batch, documented what we did daily until it was ready, tried some ourselves, left it for 48 hours to make sure we were okay and then fed it to everyone who came over, comments were very positive and, well, the rest is history!

How have your products evolved over the time you have been in operation? 

We have always carefully developed our own recipes. Four months after we started we achieved two gold and two silver awards at the Taste of the West awards, and the following year we won the award for Champion Product! Each year since then we have successfully been achieving Great Taste and Taste of the West awards. Not everything has been successful, we have had one or two complete failures, but I think with experience you get to understand how things are going to work. We like to bring out a new product each year and then we will review our current product list and discontinue any that are not as popular as they rest. We have tried some fairly wacky combinations that worked but which were never going to be best sellers, so I think we have learnt that keeping things ‘fairly’ traditional is best.

What are the most popular products? 

Our most popular product is still our Coppa, but then there are several other products that are following hard on its heels for that place, our Black Olive Salami, our Fennel and Anise Salami and of course our Chorizo, both fully cured and semi cured cooking chorizo.

Are there any flavour combinations that you are particularly proud of? 

This has to be our Black Olive Salami. It is one of our flagship products as until we did it nowhere else in the world made a salami without any fat, so another first for us! It has a deep purple/black colour, is slightly dryer and crumblier in texture but with an amazingly good salty, olive-y flavour.

You can enjoy Deli Farm’s charcuterie as part of the antipasti menu at Fifteen, or direct from one of their stockists. Click here to find out more. 

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