Fifteen Cornwall heads up to Fifteen London

Last week a small group of us from Fifteen Cornwall went to London to meet the new CEO Penny Newman, as well as our individual counterparts from various areas of the business.   Myself and my colleague Marie Allen (Finance Manager) travelled to Paddington on the train with Dave Meneer (CEO) and his foundation team, Tanya Atkins (Funding Manager), Karl Jones (Training and Development Chef) and Matt Thomas (Welfare and Support Officer).Our other collegues, Fifteen Cornwall directors Judi Blakeburn and Chris Hugo were already in London and so we met them there.  We were a little late for our meeting at Shoreditch House because of train delays but thankfully everyone had saved us some lunch!!!

There was about 20 of us altogether in the room, from all areas of the businesses including marketing, finance, welfare and training. The meeting began with Dave and Penny presenting a SWOT analysis of each restaurant and then we broke off into our respective groups.  From a marketing point of view, we exchanged ideas on how we can work together in the future on things like merchandise and PR.  It was great to get together and we now plan to do it every 4 months.

Following our individual meetings, we all returned together and fed back to the whole group what we discussed and action points for the future.I think everyone found the whole day very productive.  We all enjoyed dinner together prepared by the lovely staff at Fifteen in Jamie’s training kitchen, just around the corner from the restaurant.  After dinner we said goodbye to our Fifteen London colleagues and all made our way to the hotel.

Early the next morning, I went for a run followed by breakfast with Matt, Karl and Marie.  I then had to leave to go to a meeting with our PR company Wildcard at their London offices in Savoy Street. I met Judi and Dave there who both had separate meetings before.  We meet up with Wildcard once a month, mainly in Cornwall but ocassionally in London if we’re up that way. We talk about things that have happened in that month and things coming up.  We seem to have a lot of journalists visiting us at the moment, which is great as we hope to achieve some great national coverage from it.

Judi and I were booked on the 2pm train so had a couple of hours to kill following our meeting. We took a walk to Covent Garden before getting the tube back to Paddington…..I’m glad we made seat reservations – the train was packed due to it being the start of the Easter weekend.  6hrs later and I’m back home!  A long couple of days, but very much worth it!

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