Fifteen Friday Face- Ben Arthur

BenAfter graduating from Jamie Oliver’s first cohort of apprentices at Fifteen London, Ben Arthur has been on a whistle stop journey of cooking seeing him spend time in Italy, a period with Theo Randall, time working at Tabernacle with our very own Andy Appleton, cooking at the G20 summit, working in private catering and events, he’s met the queen, worked at Jamie’s Italian and after all that came down here to join the Fifteen Cornwall family.

What do you do when you are at Fifteen Cornwall? 

“As Assistant Training and Development chef my main role is to keep our apprentices focused, enthused and passionate about food and cooking utilising my years of experience to pass on the ‘Jamie effect’ that rubbed off on me during my time working with him.”

What do you do when you are not at Fifteen Cornwall?

“I spend my down time making gourmet baby food for my 7 month old little girl, fishing, body-boarding, foraging and honing my cookery skills at home, listening to music and scouring YouTube for funny videos!”

“How was your first day at Fifteen Cornwall?

“My first day at Fifteen Cornwall was spent getting to know the friendly and passionate staff and looking for ways to best utilise my experience within the kitchen and training programme.”

Tell us about the best dish you have ever eaten at Fifteen… 

“The best dish I have ever eaten at Fifteen was grilled red mullet from Looe with a delicious panzanella salad which was made using the infamous ‘Buttervilla’ heritage tomatoes, locally grown fresh basil and the best Puglian mammoth green olives…..mmmmm.”

Tell us about your favourite drink?

“My favourite drink is a fruit smoothie with bananas, frozen strawberries, honey, yoghurt and a spoonful of oats to add fibre, I dunno if this counts as a drink but it’s a delicious way to kick-start my day and its also very healthy and nutritious!”

What would be your ‘Desert Island Disc’ (album)?

“My desert island album would not be a disc as no one uses them anymore, instead I would opt for my ipod which has about a month worth of music ranging from Nessun Dorma by Luciano Pavarotti to Concrete Jungle by Bob Marley and The Wailers!”

What would be your Desert Island ingredient?

” For my desert island ingredient? I would imagine this island would produce plenty of wild herbs, vegetation and fresh fish from the sea so I would ask for lots and lots of lamb in a freezer so I could enjoy my favourite meat cooked in a pit fire on the beach with my buddy Wilson (film reference).”

Who would you invite to your Last Supper? 

“My last supper guest list would include Morgan Freeman, Sir David Attenborough, Samuel L Jackson, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand (I would separate them two), of course my lovely missus and I’m sure a few more people who I can’t think of right now.”

Finally, make us all laugh…

“A quick note on notices, if you notice this notice you’ll realise this notice was hardly worth noticing and upon noting that you notice nothing you could have noticed in the time it took to notice that!

Cheers n gone,

Ben Arthur – Fifteen Cornwall”

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