Fifteen Friday Face- Double Trouble with the Richardsons

Next week we wave goodbye to long time Fifteeners Kirsty and Andi. For the last five years Kirsty has been passing on her passion for food and wine to our guests, working front of house. Behind the scenes Kirsty also put her amazing organisational skills to good use, creating memorable Farmers’ Markets and Graduations. This year Kirsty turned her attention to a very special event of her own, when she married pasta making master Andi on a picture perfect day in July. We’ll all miss Andi’s enthusiasm for cooking and training (and his tortellini). The pair leave us for a winter in the Alps, managing a beautiful chalet in Verbier. We have no doubt their guests will be the envy of all on the slopes, after enjoying the food and service we know that Kirsty and Andi will create and deliver. On behalf of everyone here we wish them the very best of luck on their adventures.

Before they pop off here are their answers to our Friday questions…

What do you do when you are at Fifteen Cornwall?

K-“Everything! I’m a hostess, waitress and sommelier extraordinaire.”

A-“I am the pasta master.”

What do you do when you are not at Fifteen Cornwall?

K-“At the moment, move house. When we are not moving house I like to go walking on the beach, go to the gym and I am obsessed with house programs.”

A-“I go surfing, hang out with my mates- I like a party!”

How was your first day at Fifteen Cornwall?

K-“Loads more fun than I thought it would be.”

A-“It was pretty good, it was busy. I worked with Tommy, he was nice..”

Tell us about the best dish you have ever eaten at Fifteen Cornwall…

K-“Tricky question, probably some sort of pasta dish with balsamic pork and crispy herbs. For pudding it’s always chocolate Caprese”

A-“Probably the cote de boeuf or porcini risotto.”

Tell us about your favourite drink…

K- “Petrolo’s, ‘Torrione’ a beautiful red from Tuscany, we went to the vineyard on our honeymoon and it is stunning.”

A-“Probably something red from Yalumba.”

What would be your ‘Desert Island Disc'(album)?

K-“Probably Ben Howard, reminds me of the summer and getting married.”

A-“Probably have to be a bit of a compilation, I’m quite picky about music. I think I like broad spectrum though.”

What would be your desert Island ingredient?

K- “Prosecco.”

A-“Some Fondoti Olive Oil.”

Who would you invite to your last supper?

K-“So, Russel Brand, Johnny Depp, Michael Eavis and Jamie Oliver (oh, maybe I should say Andi as well).”

A-“Just my beautiful wife.”

If you could eat dinner at any restaurant this evening where would it be and why?

K-“We’ve eaten at a lot of amazing restaurants, I think if I could go back to one it would be somewhere on the coast of Italy ”

A-“Hand and Flowers I think.” 

Thank you guys we love you!!!


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