Fifteen Friday Face- Gennaro Contaldo



What do you do when you are at Fifteen Cornwall?

I love to meet every single trainee, it’s also nice to catch up with the chefs. I cannot leave before getting inside the kitchen. I have to get inside the kitchen and cook with everyone. Then I look for wild food; spinach, rock, fennel. It’s a joy. i want to come everyday but its too far.”

What do you do when you are not at Fifteen Cornwall?

“That is very difficult, when I am not fifteen I am thinking about it.  But there is so much going on, when I’m not there I’ll be at Jamie’s Italian, other restaurants or writing recipes. When I really try to have time off I go in the forest and fields foranging and then thinking about what to cook with it. Fifteen is always there; it’s part of my life. I’m not a workaholic, but I love to cook and this is my life so let there be food.”

How was your first day at Fifteen Cornwall?

“WOW… and after seven years its still WOW- what a place! It reminds me so much of my home town in the Amalfi coast. I was born 30m from the sea and Cornwall is exactly the same. But, I have argument with the wind- “Why you blow so much?”, now it’s OK, I’m used to it, I don’t mind, I love it. Shame about the water; a little cold.”

Tell us about the best dish you have ever eaten at Fifteen Cornwall…

“There is no such thing,  everything is good. It depends what time of the year I am coming and what’s in season. Whatever they give me I know will taste good. Full of love and passion- the extra ingredient you cant get anywhere else.”

Tell us about your favourite drink?

“I like wine, I like brandy, I like all drink but i drink alot of water!”

What would be your ‘Desert Island Disc’ (album)?

“I’ll  tell you what it would be.. I’lll sing you the song you will understand.” Genaro closes his eyes, humms and nods

his head along to A Whiter Shade of Pale. “The reason why is that the song came out when i left my home on the Amalfi coast; so romantic, it’s more the sound, it’s part of happiness and sadness and joy and adventures, which every time you hear the music makes every single man and woman look for adventure.”

Who would you invite to your Last Supper? 

“So many people, one of the most difficult questions, I have been asked it many times. I will invite the people I most love.”

Finally, make us all laugh…

“Why don’t you read my t-shirt; Jamie made it for me. To make sure I wore it he made me take two. Also the pictures Jamie sent me through text message and email that would make you laugh.”

We’d all like to thank Gennaro for coming and sharing his amazing love and passion with us all!

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