Fifteen Friday Faces- Chef Jamie!

It’s March, it’s Spring and it’s FRIDAY! My Fifteen Friday Face this week is Chef Jamie. He is originally from Glasgow and despite loving fishing, he has decided he needs to head back to a city so he can continue pursuing his love of music when he is not cheffing, I love catching up with Jamie and he is always interesting to listen to so I decided I needed to make him a Friday Face before he left us…jamie use

What do you do when you are at Fifteen Cornwall?

“Just now I do pasta. but I guess the real answer is that I try to educate and inspire the youngsters using my charismatic personality.”

What do you do when you are not at Fifteen Cornwall?

“I read quite a lot and watch lots of movies. I am a keen sea angler, so I go fishing quite a lot, often with Ben Arthur our training and development chef. I listen to a lot of music; I explore the obscure corners of the modern music world. In fact just now I am exploring the world of an avant garde jazz outfit, troika- i am massively enjoying it!”

How was your first day at Fifteen Cornwall?

“Full on; I was on the grill section for a busy lunch-mad. I was getting loads of different faces and names. Also I had never worked in a strictly Italian restaurant before so there were lots of new techniques to get my head around. I was also struck by how busy the kitchen was with so many chefs and trainees.

Tell us about the best dish you have ever eaten at Fifteen.

“Erm, it was a Confit Duck Rotolo with Treviso, Pine nut, Raisin and Balsamic Agro Dolce. It was cooked by Mallet (I regret to say).”

Tell us about your favourite drink?

“I love whisky; I only drink single malts. I like Islay peaty ones, Bowmore is my favourite.”

What would be your ‘Desert Island Disc’ (album)?

Day Dream Nation by Sonic Youth or In The Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel I have also been loving the new My bloody Valentine album.

Who would you invite to your Last Supper?

George Orwell, Alan Sillitoe, Thurston Moore, Mohamed Ali, Mark E Smith

Finally, make us all laugh…

“make you laugh, oh dear, errrr hold on, I hate being on the spot. erm.”

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

I don’t know Jamie

“because it was inside Anthony Warrel Thompson’s jacket.”

Thanks Jamie, enjoy your last few weeks with us and best of luck with your move to the big smoke!


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