Fifteen Friday Faces- Matt Thomas talks apprentices and hypnosis

photoAs you probably guessed yesterday with my Tiptoe Thursday Tipple, I am a big fan of aliteration. On that theme I am also going to start a Friday feature; Fifteen Friday Faces! Each week I will be introducing one of our fabulous team and asking them the same magic eight questions. My first (slightly nervous) volunteer is Matt, our Welfare and Support Manager for our Fifteen Cornwall Apprentice Scheme.

Here goes:

What do you do when you are at Fifteen Cornwall?

Eat (he says showing me a chocolate bar)….hmmm, well hard to explain. I help the apprentices with day to day issues that might affect their learning. I also work with them on longer term issues. I do personal development stuff through one to one sessions and team building. I also run a 12 day welfare programme with them.

What do you do when you are not at Fifteen Cornwall?

Go home, spend time with my family, read a lot. Eat, drink and be merry. I also do some stage hypnosis and magic.

How was your first day at Fifteen Cornwall?

Well, haha, quite tough; my whole first week was a nightmare! Although no, I did do some good things. I ran team building workshops with Cohort 2 on the beach; that was the first real thing I did with them.

Tell us about the best dish you have ever eaten at Fifteen.

Oooo, that’s tough, need to think about that one, really hard I like it all! No, duck tortellini with this amazing sauce and nuts. But, I always like the fish, love the way they do the fish. I even have fish with red wine!

That leads nicely to my next question; will you tell us about your favourite drink?

I like Selvapiana(a winery in Chianti Rufina, Tuscany). Hang on I have a picture, it’s red anyway (looks through photos of cohort sixes sourcing trip to Tuscany)- nah can’t find it, whats their most expensive one? (It’s the Bucherchiale)

I am also partial to a cappucino.

What would be your ‘ Desert Island Disc’ (album)?

That’s really hard, can I not just take my ipod? I think it would have to be a doors album oooh or the Arctic Monkeys…No, let’s say the Doors, LA Woman.

Who would you invite to your Last Supper?

Jesus and Jim Morrison

Oh and also Alan Moore and Milton Erickson.

Finally, make us all laugh…

Did you hear the one about the nun…. errrrrr hahaha no I’d better not say that!

I can’t make you laugh, beacuase I am a very sensible, quiet person (the office fills with giggles and he’s done it!)

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