Food Revolution Day 2015



On Friday 15 May the Cornwall Food Foundation and Cornwall’s Food Revolution Ambassadors joined Jamie Oliver’s global campaign with thousands of others across the world to take part in the fourth annual Food Revolution Day.


Food Revolution Day was launched in 2012 and is right at the heart of all the work Jamie and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation do to engage and inspire people of all ages to learn about food and how to cook it. This year, Food Revolution Day focused on a global campaign petitioning the G20 countries to put compulsory food education back on the school curriculum. Jamie passionately believes that by educating children about food and cooking in a fun and engaging way, we can equip them with the basic skills they need to lead healthier, happier lives, for themselves and their future families. With overweight and obesity statistics increasing at an alarming rate, and preventable diet-related disease claiming more lives earlier than ever before, it has never been more important to educate children about food, where it comes from and how it affects their bodies. Food Revolution Day is about getting kids food smart and setting them up for a long, healthy life.

IMG_6546Cornwall Food Foundation, the charity behind Fifteen Cornwall also believes food skills are life skills and is currently working on its own food revolution in Cornwall through its community FoodWorks programme. It already runs a successful Schools Programme through the restaurant where we see over 1,000 school children come through Fifteen Cornwall’s doors and they learn how to make pasta and where certain foods come from and how we cook them.


IMG_8526On Friday the Cornwall Food Foundation headed to schools across Cornwall to help with Jamie Oliver’s cooking lesson online – the squash-it sandwich. Carclaze school, St Winnow school, Whitemoor school, Budehaven school and Penair school were just some of the lovely schools who took part in Food Revolution Day in Cornwall. Well done to all the other schools in Cornwall who took part in the cook-a-long.


Food Revolution DayLyndsey Marshall, Programme Manager at the Cornwall Food Foundation said:

“We are as excited and pleased as ever to be involved with and supporting Food Revolution Day. At the Cornwall Food Foundation we think it is incredibly important to be inspiring our young people at an early age in Food. IMG_8556


We’ve seen the tradition of eating homemade meals decline whilst a reliance on fast convenience food has taken its place, this together with worsening standards of school food and most relevant a decrease in the provision of school cooking lessons mean many kids are growing up and are reaching adulthood without ever really learning to cook or develop an interest in food in general. Kids are so impressionable at a young age and the perfect sponges to start being inspired and excited by food. We have the perfect opportunity of making real sustained change to how we as a country respond to food by getting the next generation fired up and educated.”


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Over 1.3 million people have so far signed the petition calling on the leaders and governments of G20 countries to make food education a compulsory part of every school curriculum. If you haven’t done so already pleas sign up to spread the word here



IMG_8562Budehaven If you are a school and are interested in getting involved with Fifteen Cornwall and the Cornwall Food Foundation’s school programmes please get in touch with: [email protected]


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