Spring/Summer 2017 Wine – Part 2

In the second part of our Spring/Summer 2017 wine series, Head Sommelier Elly Owen introduces us to a Greek wine from the island of Santorini.

Assyrtiko, Greek wine

“Greek wine!?” I hear you cry! But this wine is intoxicatingly beautiful and has such a breadth of flavour with its minerality and high, bright acidity.

The grapes are grown in basket-shaped vines to protect them from the wind which batters the vines from all directions where they’re grown on the island of Santorini. Growing the vines in this way offers a perfect solution to the problem, by creating a natural wind break.

Gaia are modern pioneers in Greece and are creating wines with finesse and elegance which speak of their individual terroirs and indigenous grapes.

This wine has seen a touch of oak which gives it a silkiness to balance the refreshing acidity. This wine is tremendous with our spring and summer dishes.

The freshness is perfect with our Artichoke Caponata with Celery and Pinenut. This wine has such a great depth, that it will traverse well into complementing the lighter meat dishes on our menu.