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This summer get out the BBQ and create some fantastic grilled meats with inspiration from Andy Appleton, Head Chef here at Fifteen Cornwall. Andy loves nothing better than a good charcoal BBQ, where the meat is infused with a smoky flavour.

Top Tip: Add some wood chips to your coals to create different smoky infusions.

Grilled Chicken – spatchcocked (you can either buy it like this, get your local butcher to do it, or look up how to do this on the web)

Take your chicken and smooth over your favourite rub or glaze. Andy’s favourite marinade is a mix of ketchup, HP sauce, honey and soy sauce. Have fun mixing it together, keep tasting it and alter the quantities according to your palette. If you like it hot and spicy, add dried chilli flakes.

Make sure your coals are burning hot, gone white and the smoke has died down, you are then ready to add your chicken to the grill. Keep turning the chicken so it doesn’t burn, but allowing the grill to cook the meat and infuse it with flavour. Once the meat starts to look like it is burning, bring the chicken off and test with a knife through the breast bone that it is completely cooked. To be really happy that your chicken is ready, put it in a roasting tray in a pre-heated oven at 180C and allow it to continue cooking through for a further 25 minutes  (depending on the size of the chicken) or until you are happy that it is cooked through.

Leg of Lamb (butterflied – ask your butcher to do this for you)

Probably my favourite piece of meat, it has a great balance of fat and meat making it perfect for a campfire feast.  Whack it onto the BBQ once the flames have died and the coals are white hot. Cook through until the meat is charred on the outside and a rosie pink on the inside – don’t over cook it, as the meat will become tough and chewy. If unsure, take the lamb off the BBQ if it is beginning to burn and pop it into the oven at 180C and allow it to continue cooking until it is done to your desired taste. Take the lamb out and wrap it in foil and allow it to rest for a further 20 minutes (depending on size) before serving.

Top tip: Marinade your lamb the night before with rosemary, garlic and thyme, just make sure it is not too oily. Take the lamb out of the fridge the next day and leave the meat to relax with a cover of tin foil for half an hour before you put it on the BBQ.


Roast Veggies 1

Roasted Veggies

When the flames on the BBQ have just died down, get a great char-grill effect with your seasonal veg. Try courgettes, aubergines and peppers, keeping them chunky when you cut them, as they will shrink over the heat of the grill. Try and cut them all roughly the same size and when they are soft from the grill, put them into a dish and toss in some olive oil, seasoning and soft herbs like mint, parsley and tarragon and season to taste.

Andy’s Potato Salad

This is something I do at home when friends come over – get some good quality local new potatoes and boil them till soft. Whilst on the boil, fry till soft a couple of small red onions, thinly sliced. Add in some strips of pancetta and fry till crispy. Mix together the onions, pancetta and potatoes (once boiled and cooled) with a good dollop of wholegrain Dijon mustard and mix in some soft herbs like mint and parsley and season to taste.



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