New summer wine pairings

We think experience is all about the finer details.

Like watching the waves roll across the bay or having a drink in hand that perfectly accompanies our Italian inspired dishes. Which is why we have an in-house sommelier and wine expert here in our Fifteen restaurant to help you choose the perfect wine pairings for your experience.

Greg Turner, our knowledgeable Sommelier here at Fifteen Cornwall, is on hand to do all the hard work for you with his extensive knowledge of wine and his expert understanding in wine pairing. He began his journey in the wine industry a few years ago whilst working for a Spanish inspired tapas restaurant in York, where he quickly fell in love with the industry.

New summer wine pairings with Greg Turner
New summer wine pairings with Greg Turner

Initially he found himself drawn to learning more about wine, partly because of his love for the taste of Spanish wine but because he also greatly enjoys the sharing and community aspect of it. ‘You get a big bottle of it and you all share it. It’s not insular, it’s a collective party, a process you go through with friends’.

And after spending some time working amongst friends and learning about wine, he knew he wanted to explore his passion further. Greg eventually took the plunge to travel around Spain to see for himself where his favourite wines were grown and produced and even getting to work in a few Vineyards across the region. After seeing the passion of the wine producers, Greg was eager to get involved in the wine industry and become a trained sommelier, with a goal to make wine more approachable and accessible to people who don’t consider themselves wine connoisseurs.

From his own experiences in restaurants he found that the topic of wine can usually be an intimidating one, as he has seen all too often people feel daunted by wine lingo, leading to them steering clear from trying new things. ‘People have built wine up to be unfathomable and it’s attached to all these words that people have to jump through hoops to understand’. But he believes this really shouldn’t be the case. ‘Wine realistically should be way more approachable and I want people to be trying more things’.

New summer wine pairings with Greg Turner

Greg was keen to implement this way of thinking when putting together the new wine list for this summer alongside our head chef Adam Banks. It’s why for this summer he’s decided to include wine pairings on the main menu with a few of our speciality Italian inspired dishes. Greg is really excited about this and said that he felt it was a good way to ‘shout out about the lesser known wines on the list, which unless you get to speak to the sommelier, you probably wouldn’t choose them yourself’.  A pairing that he is really looking forward to our guests trying is the Lambrusco paired with prosciutto and pickled cherries. ‘It’s a classic northern Italian dish and the wine is right at the centre of those regions. So going back to those Italian roots and giving people an authentic experience they can’t get anywhere else in Cornwall’.

If you want to try it for yourself or any other of the pairings on the new summer menu, book below to reserve your table.

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