Our apprentices go foraging

During the college summer holidays our apprentices take part in a “Summer Programme” packed full activities aimed to be educational and help develop:

• Teamwork & Relationship Skills
• Positive Attitude & Motivation
• Communication & Interaction
• Behaviour & Public Conduct
• Awareness of safety (Self & Team)

July 2016 saw our first visit to 7th Rise – located on the Tregothnan Estate near Truro – a leading authentic outdoor course provider in foraging, fishing, bushcraft, wild food cooking, butchery, filleting & kayaking.

Here Charlie Trevenna, one of the programme co-ordinators, recounts how the day went…


Our instructor for the day was Matt Vernon who gave us a tour of the beautiful grounds on the edge of the River Fal before we settled down to work.


Matt demonstrated to the group how to butcher a rabbit and a pheasant; two types of wild produce widely available to the apprentices in Cornwall, and produce that as chefs they will no doubt cook with during their apprenticeship and future careers. Matt drew on his expertise and experience to share further tips, advice and techniques that the apprentices can transfer into the kitchen.

Cohort 11 Summer Programme - Seventh Rise


Matt then took us foraging; highlighting common herbs, flowers, roots and plants that are edible and that can be used in our day to day cooking and the restaurant – as well as the more dangerous plants that need to be avoided. We explored the seashore, woodland and hedgerows where we familiarised ourselves with new produce as well as developing our understanding of more recognisable greenery and how they can be used.


The group was split up into smaller teams; these teams then adopted cooking tasks to contribute to a planned meal at the end of the day. Some of the groups went foraging for herbs and plants to flavour the focaccia that they planned to bake, some foraged flowers that they coated in a light tempura batter and fried as an appetiser, there was a team that used a combination of larder, home grown and natural ingredients to create a Bombay potato dish while others used the fire pit to cook a rabbit and pheasant curry.

Cohort 11 Summer Programme - Seventh Rise


There was an evident emphasis and expectation on everybody working together at 7th Rise and all contributing to the success of the day’s goals. For the apprentices, chefs and front of house team this was a positive message that reminded us all of the importance of working together, communicating effectively and interacting in a positive way – which we believe is at the centre of any successful team!

Cohort 11 Summer Programme - Seventh Rise

Social interaction

To round the day off we sat on the rustic, banquet table in the centre of the 7th Rise grounds and enjoyed the food that everybody had contributed to. This was a special moment for the team, knowing that everybody played their part and used the unrefined produce offered to us within our immediate environment; which very much reiterates Fifteen’s ethos for using local and good quality produce where ever possible simvastatin generic name.

Cohort 11 Summer Programme - Seventh Rise


Matt Vernon’s passion for natural resources and ingredients was inspirational He shared his experiences, knowledge and insight in a fun, but educational way and provided new learning for the apprentices and full time staff – including the chefs! The organic but resourceful environment has inspired the Fifteen Cornwall team to be more creative with the unused assets that we have in Watergate Bay and surrounding areas and there are plans for Steve (our maintenance manager) to use older equipment to build creative cooking implements with the apprentices, such as a smoker and fire pit.

Cohort 11 Summer Programme - Seventh Rise

The experience offered the apprentices a vast amount of learning in an environment that was secluded, peaceful and organic.

Thank you to everyone at 7th Rise http://www.7thrise.co.uk/

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