Petrolo Wines – Inarno

On Friday 23 June, Head Sommelier, Elly Owen is very excited to welcome The Petrolo Estate in Tuscany to Fifteen Cornwall for a special event. Inarno is one of Elly’s favourites from our wine list and below she explains why it’s so fantastic.

Inarno is the tribute of Petrolo to the re-born DOC Val D’Arno Di Sopra.

In 1716 an edict of the Greatduke of Tuscany Cosimo III De Medici officially recognised 4 areas in Tuscany for their fine wine production: CHIANTI – CARMIGNANO – POMINO – VAL D’ARNO DI SOPRA.
This edict is the first document in the world identifying in a territory its valuable wine growing areas. The region of Val d’Arno di Sopra was approved as a DOC in 2011.

It’s an area that has been written about for centuries. Winemaker Luca Sanjust buys the grapes for this wine from neighbouring vineyards in Val d’Arno which can be seen from the Petrolo estate. The grapes are from ancient Sangiovese vines and are completely unadulterated without the addition of other grape varieties or oak.

You can meet Luca, from Petrolo and learn more about his wonderful wines by joining him for a special evening of wine tasting and antipasti on Friday 23rd June. For more information, or to book tickets please click here.