Primrose Herd Sourcing Trip by Jane Sarchet

I’m guessing there aren’t many people that would get excited at the prospect of visiting a pig farm early on a mizzly grey morning, but I knew that hanging out with the Fifteen Cornwall apprentices at <a href="http://www find more”>Primrose Herd was going to be a whole lot of fun.

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After introductions and a fresh pork delivery the students had a tour of the farm. They were shown the paddocks where the sows birth and rear the piglets, the cold store where the bacon and hams are cured, sliced and packed, and the room where the pork is minced and turned into superb tasting sausages.
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Each chef donned their whites and had a bash at sausage making, and it clearly isn’t as easy as it looks! However, with a little bit of guidance, everyone ended up creating a string of pretty reasonable looking sausages.

Fifteen Cornwall is one of Primrose Herd’s largest customers, and anyone that has tucked into a full English breakfast will know how good their sausages are. Sadly, you can’t buy the Fifteen sausages anywhere else (not even directly from the farmers) as the recipe is top secret being devised in conjunction with head chef, Andy Appleton.

Whilst the farm may only have 12 acres of land, the outdoor paddocks where the rare breed piglets are reared are surprisingly large giving the animals plenty of room to run around and forage in the long grass. With much of the cheap pork stocked by supermarkets being raised intensively in horrible conditions it’s refreshing to see farmers doing things properly and with as much concern for the animals’ quality of life as the resulting end product.

Fifteen Primrose Herd-0722Chatting with the husband and wife team, Bill & Sally, it was nice to hear how supportive they are to furthering the skills and experiences of the Fifteen students. ‘Everyone deserves a chance’ said Bill ‘and we’re happy to support Cornwall Food Foundation and Fifteen Cornwall whenever we can.’

And it’s not just Bill and Sally that work in the business, it’s a family affair with all three children helping or working in the business in some capacity. Their eldest daughter Rachel has even branched out and set up Duchy Charcuterie which she runs from the cold room on her days off.

At lunch time the apprentices were asked to fire up the BBQ and cook up their handmade bangers for the group. Watching them work together as a team to prep and cook the food shows just how much they’ve already grown in confidence and ability in just a few short months.

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I feel quite honoured to watch how much these young lives are being pumped full of opportunity and experience thanks to the efforts of Fifteen Cornwall and the Cornwall Food Foundation.


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