Razor Clams with Peas and Pancetta

Our Head Chef, Adam Banks has created this beautiful dish with fresh clams and podded peas to get you ready for barbecue season. Whether you’re on the beach or in the garden, this delicious, simple dish will pair perfectly with a warm summer’s evening and a glass of wine.

Serves 2 as a main

Peas in pod 700g (or 200g podded peas)
Razor clams 12 (6 per person)
Almonds 30g, roughly chopped
Lemon half, juiced
Fennel fronds handful or roughly 30g
Pea shoots handful or roughly 50g
Pancetta 75g, chopped into large pieces

Head Chef Adam Banks

1. Light a BBQ
2. Pod the peas and toast the almonds in a dry frying pan, in the oven or in a pan over the BBQ
3. Separate the chopped pancetta and place in a metal sieve (with a metal handle!). Cook over the coals until the pancetta is golden brown, add the peas towards the end and cook until the peas are coloured. Move off the heat and add the toasted almonds.
4. Carefully place the razor clams on the BBQ, sprinkling with salt as they open. Once they are completely open and no longer translucent (approx. 3-5 minutes) remove from the heat with a pair of tongs. Take care not to overcook the clams as they will become tough. You will need to cut out and discard the dark centre of the clam and remove the foot from the end, leaving the firm white clam meat.
5. Squeeze lemon juice over the clams.
6. In a separate bowl add pea shoots and torn up fennel fronds. Warm up your pea mix if you need to and then add them to the pea shoots in the bowl, toss all together to wilt the pea shoots slightly and dress with olive oil.
7. Arrange the clams on a plate alongside the pea and pancetta mix.

Razor Clams with Peas and Pancetta

If you’re not used to cooking with clams, Adam has some chef tips to make sure your dish is perfect.

  • Place the clams in a colander and continually run cold water over them to remove excess sand.
  • Just like mussels, gently tap open razor clams and discard those that don’t close.
  • Take the clams out of their shells to cut out the foot and dark centre and place back in the shells to serve.

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