Reflecting with Ease- looking back at the revamp project with John Fox of EaseManage

John Fox

The new restaurant has been up and running for over two weeks now and everything has calmed down a little, I thought now was a good time to take a look back at the revamp project. Last Wednesday I caught up with John Fox from EaseManage who oversaw the whole project. We took a look round and reflected on the project from his perspective…

What interested you in working on the revamp project at Fifteen Cornwall?

EaseManage has successfully delivered numerous schemes in the hospitality sector across the South West and undertaking the revamp project for Fifteen was a very good fit with our skill set. Apart from that, who wouldn’t want to deliver a project for a restaurant with a profile like Fifteen Cornwall’s?”

What was your role in the process?

“I am responsible for all EaseManage activities in Cornwall. On this project at Fifteen Cornwall I was there to make sure the team we put in place delivered the project effectively, to budget and on time?”

How did working on projects such as Eden, The Scarlet, The Royal William Yard Bakery and the Watergate Bay Hotel help with the revamp at Fifteen Cornwall?

“These projects have given us an understanding of the importance of the finished article and the finished project. Having this experience has also enabled us to interpret the client brief effectively; understanding what it is the client really wants and therefore ensuring their expectations are met.”

Did you spend anytime in the kitchen working with the chefs to find out how they needed the kitchen to work, from their point of view?

“Personally no but our specialist supply chain partner Space Catering undertook a thorough analysis of the kitchen operations during the pre-construction and design period and throughout the project there was extensive liaison with Andy (Head Chef).”

How many people were involved?

“There were about a dozen through the pre-construction and design stages and then, physically delivering the work, up to 30 people on site working every day.”

What was the most challenging aspect of the revamp? Were there any specific obstacles you found challenging?

“Ensuring effective management of the Fifteen team’s decision making to ensure freezing the design (agreeing on a final design and signing it off) in a timely fashion to enable us to complete to programme.”

Are you happy with the result? What are you most happy with?

“The overall result is great! I’m probably most happy with the Corian bar and the Tarkett tiled flooring.”

What was your favourite part of the job?

“Working directly alongside the Fifteen team, problem solving and making decisions that are fully aligned with their objectives; that was the most enjoyable aspect.”

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about taking on a project of this size?

“Give me a call! (or contact us at EaseManage via [email protected] )”

Have you had a chance to experience the new menus yet? If so, what was your favourite dish?

“I sampled some tasters of the dishes on the opening night and the beef was amazing!”

Thanks to John and everyone at EaseManage who were involved in the revamp. EaseManage are exhibiting at Expowest Cornwall at the Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge from tomorrow 5th March-7th.

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