A sourcing trip to visit Rodda’s Creamery and Curds & Croust

An integral part of our apprentice’s journey is to visit our suppliers and understand the provenance, supply and production of the food we serve in the restaurant. So today we took them on a sourcing trip to visit Rodda’s Creamery in Redruth and the Cornish Cheesemaker’s, Curds & Croust.

Curds & Croust is run by Master Cheesemaker Martin Gaylard, who has over 30 years’ experience in cheese making. They started less than a year ago and work in partnership with Rodda’s to use only the finest Cornish milk to produce their extraordinary cheeses. They are a very small company with just four employees, including Martin and all the processes are carried out by hand. Martin was extremely passionate about his cheeses and he reiterated the importance of provenance of the product and quality, which are the same values we work to in the kitchen at Fifteen Cornwall.

We had the opportunity to try three of the cheeses which are currently being produced. They were Miss Wenna, a Cornish Brie, The Truffler, a Cornish Brie with wild truffle tones and Boy Laity a Cornish Camembert which we currently serve on our cheese board in the restaurant.

Cornish Cheese Makers Curds&Crust

The second part of the trip took us to Rodda’s Creamery, where the Rodda’s family have been making Cornish Clotted Cream for over 120 years, ever since their Great-great-grandmother Eliza Jane Rodda started proceedings back in 1890. Sales Manager Richard Jewell was kind enough to greet us and talk us through the history of the company which is still 100% owned and run solely by the Rodda’s family. It is currently in the care of the 6th generation who have not lost sight of their original ethos of pride, passion and family. In 1998 Cornish clotted cream was finally awarded PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status so from then on, throughout the EU, for a product to be called ‘Cornish clotted cream’ it has to be made in Cornwall, to the traditional local method, using the exceptionally delicious Cornish milk.

The apprentices were shown the processes for making their signature cream, butter and custard and also got to sample the perfect Cornish cream tea. Rodda’s formula for this comprises of two parts scone, one part jam and one part Cornish clotted cream (on top of the jam, of course!).

On behalf of the apprentices, we would like to thank Richard, Martin and their teams for taking the time to give us such an inspiring experience and for all the tasty treats.

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