Where have Cohort 6 gone?

Cohort 6 have had a hugely succesful year. Having just celebrated their graduation, all 13 apprentices are now working full time in professional kitchens across the country. Many impressed in their work placements so much they were offered jobs, while others have  been accepted to work at some very presitigious restaurants. Here we take a look back at our Cohort 6 apprentices:

Ben Ambridge

“Before Fifteen Cornwall, I was unemployed with no real plans. I loved cooking, but it was just a hobby. I hoped that training at Fifteen Cornwall would give me some decent kitchen experience, some qualifications and knowldge, but it’s done more for me than that. I’m a changed person now.”

Ben is working at Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant, Padstow.

Daniel Dunstan

“You really find out about your strengths and weaknesses at Fifteen Cornwall. I learned that I’m a much more tolerant person than I thought. I struggled with self-confidence, but it’s one of the big things you work on here, and so I’ve really improved in that aspect.”

Daniel is working at Gwel an Mor, Portreath. 

Danielle Morse

“Fifteen Cornwall has changed my life dramatically. I’ve got a future now. I’m more settled. I know where I’m going and I’ve got the confidence I need to get me there. I’ve grown up a lot, and I’m happier and more positive – I don’t live in the past anymore, but look forward to the future.”

Danielle is working at Untitled Restaurant, Penzance.

Emily Hunt – Awarded Apprentice of the Year

“I’ve realised that being a chef means there are no limits to what I can do; there are always new things to learn and new experiences. It’s a profession that suits who I am – I’ve got a passion for it and I’m never bored when I’m in a kitchen. I love that I can say “I’m a chef” now!”

Emily is working at The River Cafe, London.

Jake Steabler

“Fifteen Cornwall has lived up to my expectations 100%. It’s given me a passion for cooking and made me realise it’s a great way to earn a living. My friends and family are amazed at how being on the course has changed me; they can see how much the restaurant staff and the Foundation staff have helped me to start a career.”

Jake is working at Seagrass, St Ives.

James Cuthill

“Fifteen Cornwall has taught me so much, and not just how to cook brilliant food. I now have the skills to manage my mental health – I’m much more positive and motivated now. One day I’d like to travel across Asia, learning about Asian food and cooking, and maybe even become a food writer.”

James is working at The Old Quay House Hotel, Fowey.

James “Jimbo” Norcott

“My life was all about bad crowds and a bad attitude before I came to Fifteen Cornwall. I’m a better person now. I’ve left the bad social scene that I was mixed up in. I’ve got discipline and respect – for both myself and other people. I’ve got loads of skills and knowledge and I’ve turned my life around.”

James is working at The Flying Boat Club, Tresco, Isles of Scilly

Jessica Smith

“Being in an industrial kitchen has boosted my confidence loads; instead of doubting myself all the time I now know that if I try hard enough I can achieve whatever I want. Eventually I’d like my own restaurant but that’s something to aim for in the future.”

Jessica is working at The Rosevine, Portscatho.

Luke Davies

“My life wasn’t working – I was living in a homeless hostel, unemployed, drinking too much, taking drugs. I was struggling to overcome depression. One of the hostel workers applied to Fifteen Cornwall for me – I owe her a lot. I’m now aiming to have my own restaurant in 10 years, serving food inspired by my travels.”

Luke is working at Hell Bay, Bryher, Isles of Scilly.

Ross Pullen

“A long term illness had forced me to pull out of college and I was still recovering when I heard about Fifteen Cornwall. I’ve surprised myself at how well I thrive under pressure. It’s been amazing being part of a team – we’ve all supported each other through the hard days, and it’s made all the difference.”

Ross is working at Bustopher’s, Truro.

Sean Shipley

“Unemployed and without a goal for the future, I knew I needed to change – there was too much alcohol, anger and frusration in my life. I wanted some stability and direction, to find a passion for something positive. Fifteen Cornwall has given me all those things. I want to build myself a great reputation and maybe one day teach other trainee chefs.”

Sean is working at Rojano’s, Padstow.

Shane Lean

“I’d been getting into trouble with the police and wasn’t taking my life in a good direction. When the oppurtunity at Fifteen Cornwall came along, I grabbed it with both hands and didn’t let go – I knew this was what I’d been looking for. The course has been everything I wanted it to be and more. I’m really going to miss Fifteen Cornwall – but I’m so excited about the future.

Shane is working at Jamie’s Italian, Bristol.

Sorcha Dean

“I think the best term to describe my life before Fifteen Cornwall is “lost”. The course has changed me, especially my confidence – that’s been dramatic. For me, it’s been about learning to carry on when I feel like giving up; Fifteen Cornwall has given me a passion for food that helps me to overcome obstacles.”

Sorcha is working at Terre a Terre, Brighton.


A huge congratulations to all our Cohort 6 apprentices. We wish them every success in their new jobs.

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