Executive Chef

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Executive Chef
Chief Executive (Operations Director)
Senior Sous Chefs, Full Kitchen Brigade, Apprentices
General Manager & Senior Management Team
Senior Manager: £40,000 – £60,000

Primary Function:

The main purpose of this role is to lead a culture of creative excellence in terms both of food product/ service and professional training; ensuring inspirational customer and apprentice experiences and supporting the strategic management and development of Fifteen Cornwall and the Cornwall Food Foundation.

You will be responsible for the performance, behaviour and attitude of Fifteen Cornwall chefs and apprentices; for the quality, provenance and profitability of the Fifteen Cornwall food offer; and for the effectiveness, completion and development of the Fifteen Cornwall training programmes; reflecting the values, standards and ethos of the organisation.

The Executive Chef has full responsibility for the kitchen: for determining and developing menu and sourcing strategies, menus and recipes; purchasing and pricing decisions and the management of kitchen resources and costs; ensuring the professional development and progression of chefs and apprentices; and directing effective kitchen operations to enable the development and delivery of consistently exceptional food product and successful Fifteen Apprentice and training/community outreach programmes.


Senior Management:

1.  Manage department finances and budgets, identify the management information available in your own area and act credibly on matter that affect business finance.

2.  Contribute to strategic planning and work as a senior manager within the organisation, ensuring that you act in the best interests of the business at all times through understanding the business strategy, key competitors and how the business fits within the wider hospitality industry in which it operates.

3.  Work within the senior management team to proactively develop and maintain a customer centred culture and drive behavioural change through encouraging others to seek and act on feedback – contributing to discussions and planning across the business and outside of your own department in order to further and benefit the business as a
whole and ensuring effective communication at the appropriate level to the senior team at all times, bringing to the attention of the relevant senior manager/ director any matter which relates to the success of the business.

4.  Oversee the effectiveness of all direct reports and ensure consistency, efficiency, professionalism and effective communication to drive a strong cultural belief in the brand and product / service Leadership.

5. Lead by example to promote business and social responsibility and act as a role model to ensure self and team are consistently operating in an empathetic, fair and professional manner, being accountable for the commercial and social success of the company.

6.  Comply with and enforce all company policies, standards and legislative requirements relevant to maintaining effective performance, communication, training and good business reputation; including Food Hygiene, Fire, Health & Safety regulations, attending relevant training as required.

7.  Represent Fifteen and/or the Cornwall Food Foundation and our values in your general conduct and in your dealings with customers, trainees, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders, delivering on the Fifteen Cornwall Food Foundation Core Values of Achievement, Belief, Commitment, Integrity, Passion, Positivity, and Respect.

Kitchen Management:

1.  To hold the ‘food vision’ for the company, updating and refreshing the food offering, recipe/menu development – while staying true to the ethos of the brand.

2.  Be responsible for a smooth and efficient service, maintaining communication with the Restaurant Managers, with a focus on exceptional customer service.

3.  Ensure the kitchen is a secure, safe and inspirational learning environment for the apprentices.

4.  Ensure all the ingredients used in the Restaurant comply with the Fifteen / Cornwall Food Foundation and Jamie Oliver Food Ethos Guidelines and that no ingredients are used unless and until they are appropriately recorded within our F&B system and approved on the JOSIE system.

5.  Ensure all menus are in the Fifteen style, in line with our Food Ethos and make the best use of ingredients including consideration of cost, GP, local supply and seasonality.

6.  Ensure that all departments and key personnel are briefed on menu items, communicating all relevant provenance, allergen, nutritional and other distinctive information, especially for new items.

7.  Ensure that senior chefs are managing the ordering, storage and rotation of stock in line with company policies and Kitchen Management System to minimise waste and maximise freshness and value of the Fifteen food product, communicating effectively with the Finance Team as required.

8.  Identify departmental income streams, cost centres and areas for potential waste, loss and improvement.

9.  Ensure that the Facilities Manager fulfils their responsibilities for maintenance of kitchen equipment and that it is used for the performance of kitchen duties safely and following instructions, ensuring all kitchen staff are trained to operate equipment safely and standards are maintained.

10.  Ensure the Finance Manager has all necessary and accurate time sheets, stock sheets (using technology and equipment effectively) wastage sheets for the Kitchen as required.

Management of Foundation Activities

1.  Support the smooth, effective, creative delivery of all Foundation programmes including the Fifteen Cornwall Apprentice Programme and the newly established Foodworks programme building community food skills.

2.  Line manage the Senior Sous Chef–Training and the rest of the kitchen management team to ensure that all Apprentices receive comprehensive, relevant and high quality professional chef training appropriate to their needs and abilities.

3.  Oversee the Senior Sous Chef- Training’s preparation and maintenance of a Training Plan to guide and enable effective, responsive, inspirational training through programme cycles, across sections and onto work placements; and monitor progress against Training Plan evaluating the professional development of trainees; resolving issues

4.  Ensure all Apprentice performance, behavioural and attendance information is recorded and reported consistently and clearly by the relevant chefs in a timely fashion, liaising with the Senior Sous Chefs to communicate and monitor any issues.

5.  Be involved with the recruitment, selection, appraisals, reviews and placements of Apprentices, attending events, meetings, field/sourcing trips with/for Apprentices as appropriate.

6.  Ensure the kitchen is a secure, safe and inspirational learning environment for the Apprentices, resolving any issues or concerns regarding health, safety and hygiene or chef and/or trainee attitude or capability with the Senior Sous Chefs promptly.

People & Team

1.  Be responsible for developing people strategy and for the recruitment, selection, induction and training of staff and apprentices as and when required.

2.  Set a clear vision for the kitchen, defining success and clear objectives for the team so they know your expectations as a manager and understand what they have to deliver.

3.  Be responsible for undertaking performance reviews as and when required for the kitchen brigade and to monitor all performance objectives set for staff.

4.  Undertake any development, coaching or performance management meetings with staff as and when appropriate.

5.  Liaise with senior chefs in order to complete correct new starter procedures and schedule induction programmes as required.

6.  Manage team to take a pride in their role through demonstrating a consistently positive and professional approach to communication, helping all chefs and apprentices feel in control and not stressed through everybody working to clear expectations and objectives using great systems and procedures.

Person Specification


Relevant Work Experience


Progressive career history up to Head/Exec Chef level.


Work and non-related work experience relevant to the job and organisation

5-10 years of experience working in well-established high quality restaurants, running
structured well-organised kitchen with great systems and procedures.

A chef with creative flair used to exceptional quality fresh produce – with a thorough knowledge of
ingredients and how they should be used.

Understands how seasonality, provenance and environmental factors impact on product and menu.

Leadership and Management experience of a brigade of 15 people.

Ideally with experience of Italian cooking at senior chef level –including product development and menu design.

Trying out and reflecting on methods to develop own leadership skills.

Finance and Business strategy

Experience of managing departmental finance and minimising costs within the business.

Experience of using analysing and acting on management information to drive business / change / improvement.

Understand environmental, legislative and social responsibilities and their impact within hospitality business.

Understand the responsibilities of an employer and the parameters the business works within.

HR & people development

Strong participation in a senior management team.

Experience of and proven ability to lead and rally a team together to inspire them, giving guidance where things have gone wrong and exciting them about the future.

Experience of effectively managing recruitment, induction, team development and succession planning in a hospitality business.

Demonstrate commitment to self-improvement, championing a culture of continual development and progression.

Demonstrate effective methods of communication and leadership that achieve the desired results, providing support and coaching to team members to maximise their performance.

Proven ability to think and work at a strategic level with Senior Management Team.

Education / Training

Specific qualifications or training (equivalent experience may qualify)

NVQ Professional cookery –Level 1-5.

CIEH Food hygiene/safety & H&S Levels 1-4.

Fire warden.

First aid at work.

Level 3 or above in hospitality supervision.

CMI – management courses level 2-8.

Train the trainer award.

Qualities, knowledge & skills

Personal skills, qualities, behaviour, most of these will be essential as many of these cannot be trained.

Self-starter with excellent and charismatic communication, motivation and leadership skills -proven experience of consistently good communication and engagement with team.

Know all of the culinary aspects of running a kitchen.

Understanding financial, commercial and directional support required to show chef team.

Proven ability to develop and maintain good working relationships with all members of the organisation.

Impeccable organisation and time management skills, able to organise and plan effectively.

Embodies a strong cultural belief in brand, product and service experience.

Ability to identify risks and manage potential situations to minimize the impact on the customer experience and cost to business.

NVQ Professional cookery –Level 1-5.

CIEH Food hygiene/safety & H&S Levels 1-4.

Fire warden.

First aid at work.

Willingness to keep learning.

Be financially astute in work activities and act credibly on matters that affect business finance.

 Additional Factors

Available to work flexible shift pattern to include evenings and weekends.

UK driving licence

This job description is a guideline only and is not exhaustive. You may be required to perform other duties which are not expressly listed but are in keeping with the general purpose of your role and we reserve the right to make changes to this job description as appropriate.

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