Other Fifteens

Fifteen worldwide

There are three Fifteen restaurants across the world in London, Amsterdam and Cornwall.

Each is driven by the same inspirational goal as set out by Jamie Oliver and his Fifteen London team back in 2002: take 15 apprentice chefs and give them the opportunity to discover their own potential and change their future through food and cooking.

Fifteen London

In 2002, Jamie Oliver merged two ambitions: serve top flight restaurant food whilst simultaneously giving young people in need of a second chance the opportunity to train as professional chefs and realise their own potential for more fulfilling successful lives. Ten years later, Fifteen is still achieving both.

Fifteen Amsterdam

Sarriel Taus and Coen Alewijnse launced the Dutch version of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant which opened in December 2004. Like Fifteen London it combines a restaurant and chef training programme for young people struggling to find opportunities in the greater region of Amsterdam.