Fifteen Cornwall Restaurant




Aperol Spritz £8.00
Transport yourself to Venice, sip a lovely, light, zesty mix of Aperol, Fifteen Prosecco and a splash of soda water. The perfect start to any evening.

Cosmopolitan £8.50
This pretty pink classic was favoured by Madonna and other celebrities from South Beach to New York to San Francisco. In the 1960s originally a recipe on Ocean Spray Cranberry juice bottles, then called the Harpoon. Citrus Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, lime and orange bitters.

Dry Martini £9.50
The king of cocktails, made exactly to your liking. Dry, dirty, shaken or stirred, lemon twist or mammoth olive. With the choice from our select range of gin or vodka, that includes the best of british spirits.

GT Turbo £8.50
A Fifteen Classic, gin and tonic compressed, Plymouth gin, fresh lime and our homemade tonic syrup shaken ice cold

Cosmopolitan £9.00
Sky citrus vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, fresh lime and orange bitters, finished with a twist


Manhattan £9.50
Redemption rye bourbon, sacred spiced English vermouth, Cocchi Americano vermouth and bitters

Cherry Redeemer £9.50
An old classic, born again….Redemption rye, Punt e mess, cherry Disaranno and orange juice

Lemon Fizz £8.50
Home made limoncello, prosecco, lemon juice, suger syrup served frozen.

Amaretto Sours £9.50
A light cocktail of shaken Amaretto, Bufalo trace bourbon, lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg whites

Espresso Mootini £9.50
Our very own recipe of black cow vodka infused with origin coffee shaken with Galliano ristretto, a splash of Cazcabel Coffee tequila a dash of vanilla syrup and a shot of origin seasonal espresso. An after dinner must..

Passionfruit Mojito £9.50
A fruity twist on the Cuban classic, Passion fruit infused Havana rum, soda lime, mint and sugar all muddled together and topped with soda.


Quencher 15 £4.00
Homemade citrus syrup containing Almalfi lemon zest is added to freshly squeezed lime topped with soda and sprinkled with Orange infused Cornish Sea Salt. The drink to quench that beach walk thirst.

Peach Iced tea £5.00
Peach puree, Cornish apple juice, lemon juice, Vanilla, Cornish tea and elderflower served as a long drink on the rocks in a jam jar. Packed full of flavour.

Strawberry, Mint and Lime spritz £5.50
Strawberry puree stirred with fresh lemon, Roses lime cordial and fresh mint topped with soda water. Fresh, fruity and zingy.