Our ethos at Fifteen Cornwall is a fairly simple one: we make sure everything we do is positive for our planet. And that means being sustainable. Across the board. We focus on sustainability in all areas from energy usage, recycling, sourcing and conservation.

Food Sourcing – all our products of a higher welfare system equivalent to RSPCA freedom food indoor systems OR free-range OR organic.

We promote sustainable food – we are proud to have been the co-founder and business supported of the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide, and will continue to champion sustainable management of Cornwall’s precious marine resources. We were also an early adopter and member of the SRA and the founding sponsor for the Cornwall Sustainability Award – Best contribution towards creating a sustainable food economy – from nature to plate.

Waste – we actively manage our stock to successfully reduce the amount of food waste we produced every year, through careful menu design, applying our nose to tail ethos and we reuse as much as possible and recycle everything we can.

Carbon-cutting – our restaurant revamp in 2013 halved the amount of energy it takes us to cook each meal, through careful design, smart metering, switching almost the whole kitchen from gas to electricity and implementing a range of energy efficiency measures.

Green in the community – whether its through local litter picking or by supporting the local Marine Strandings Network or the Local Nature Partnership (our CEO is the chair), we cherish our special place.

It makes sense that we should ensure we’re here for another five, ten, fifteen years + whether it’s to train young chefs, provide permanent year round employment for nearly 100 local people or protect one of the county’s greatest assets, our location.